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San Diego Los Angeles Oil Portrait Artist


Faces Series - 

"Girl with the Striped Lips" (currently for sale for $6,000.00) is the first in my Faces Series - large artistic oil paintings of faces from different ethnic backgrounds.

Special offer - You can own your own Faces  large 36 x 36 artistic contemporary avant garde painting - we do all the designing including makeup to make this a truly avant garde portrait just for you.  Everything is included for $5,000.00.  ( Smaller painting 30x30 at a cost of $3,500.00)  See examples  "Stripes" "Rainbow", "Red" and "Jade")

Oil Portrait Fees

Each portrait is painted on fine Belgian linen canvas using the highest quality materials

 available to ensure performance


 Head & shoulders  -18 x24 & 20x24

  To Waist/hands - 24 x 30

  Basic 3/4 Length - 36 x 30

  Larger 3/4" - 40x32

  Full Length (size varies)

Larger Portraits Available







Group - 50% each additional figure

These are approximate sizes and prices and do not include framing and travel expenses.



I work in traditional oils on Belgian linen and uses only the finest materials for all portraits.  Old and traditional grisaille methods of underpainting are applied.  If necessary non-traditional backgrounds such as "Jesse" or "Little Farmer" are applied at no extra cost if the client and artist feel that in order to capture the essence of the "person" it is necessary.

The key to a successful portrait is time with the client, thus, the first meeting is to get to know the client and discussing their ideas for a portrait, dislikes, likes, personality, hobbies, etc. elements of personality that will be expressed in the portrait.  During this meeting, size of the painting, background, clothing and purpose of the painting can be decided.

The next step after deciding on the general idea of what the portrait should be like, the artist will take either digital images  which permit immediate corrections of composition, lighting and pose. In the case with children, a short video (15 seconds) may be taken to capture gestures, facial expressions and characteristic poses.

Once the preliminary photos are chosen, preliminary studies are prepared for the client's review before proceeding to the final portrait giving the client an opportunity to go over details and features you would like highlighted in the finished portrait.  Sometime before the portrait is completely finished, the subject has the opportunity for viewing for approval and final touches.  All painting is done in the artist's studio

Each painting can take anywhere from three months to a year depending on the the details and drying times of many layers of paint that are applied.

In keeping with professional practices, a payment of one-third of the commission price is required at the time of the sitting.  This payment is non-refundable in order to compensate for the artist's time and progression of the portrait. 

Artist can be reached at

(951) 965-0976


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