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Photo of Claissical Portrait Artist Serving Southern CaliforniaI I started drawing when I was a small child.  I started out drawing horses and progressed to painting people.  I won awards not only in high school but in college.  Painting portraits is my passion.   Eventually I got married and raised three beautiful children.  Once my children were older, my interest turned to art again.  I studied all the masters especially Wiiliam-Adolphe Bouguereau (my favorite classical artist), Ingress, Sargent and Van Dyke.  I admit my painting at first left something to be desired but after much practice, I painted my first painting in black and white oil of Marilyn Monroe.  From that moment on I've been painting for the last 20 years.  It's always thrilling to experience the moment a painting takes on a life of its own.  At first there is just an idea, sketch, a little more detail, layers after layers of paint and finally a with a single stroke a beautiful lifelike portrait.  One element of my paintingss is the human face. - I strive for a certain glow before it is completely finished.

I feel I've been blessed with a special gift as I am self taught..  I have had no formal training and to this  day I am amazed at my ability to paint.  

I am always honing my skills by carefully studying the masterful portrait paintings on view at San Diego and Los Angeles museums, whenever possible. During my visits to the San Diego Museum, I was taken aback by a painting by Bouguereau of the Young Shepard Girl - I have now taken it upon myself to recreate his painting.   I study these masterpieces so that I may incorporate their beautiful techniques into my paintings.

 I  admit that I work from reference photos , therefore, I've dedicated myself to honing my photographic skills in order to ensure that my reference materials provide me with the very best possible visual information to work from.  I am known for almost no brush strokes in my oil paintings (takes a lot of patience, but I love the look).

I am now concentrating on my faces series which are large 3' x 3'  oil paintings with an artistic touch.  

A photo captures a moment, a painting captures a lifetime.

Jean Amodt

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