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I love to create realistic art in oils.  I constantly am striving to come up with new contemporary artistic creations.   I am  currently working on my "Faces Series" - large artistic oil paintings of faces from different ethnic backgrounds.  "Girl with the Striped Lips" is the first in this contemporary avant garde series of oil paintings followed by the "Girl with the Red Lips"   If you are in a place and at a time in your life where you would like to have a cherished portrait or want to have your own "Faces" artistic contemporary  painting, contact Jean, jnagalleries@aol.com or call 951-965-0976.

I feel that each painting  I create should be my best yet - which  keeps me constantly striving to reach greater artistic heights. I use only the finest archival materials and traditional methods  to insure that you and your family can enjoy your commissioned painting for generations, because a well crafted oil painting will last for centuries.

Contact:  jnagalleries@aol.com     951-965-0976




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